Monday, 21 November 2016

Do’s and Don’ts when Booking International Airline Tickets Online


Search one ticket at a time-

Even though you are flying with your family. International airlines generally sell bulk tickets at different prices. Let’s say if you are searching for multiple seats and there is only a single seat left in the lowest fare class then the automated systems will offer you the highest price for all four tickets in higher class. Therefore it is highly recommended to try and searching for tickets one at a time, if you wish to get great deal when there are limited seats available. In this way, you will be assured that if not all, at least some, of the ticket you booked will be at the lowest price possible. If you are getting seat at the cheaper rate and have an option to pick seats, pick one next to a vacant seat; then, straight away book the second ticket and select the seat next to the first one. It might take a little effort and time, but this effort will really pay you off.

DO search for flights midweek-

Airlines generally launch their sales on Wednesdays and end them on Thursdays mid night, so make sure you don’t sit down to search your tickets to the weekends. Advertised sale fares are generally target the next three or four months of journey and have a condition of 30 to 40 day advance purchase requirements.


Don’t shun away from flying on the holidays-

Shifting your return or departure date by a day or two can help you save major amount. You can save big generally when you book international airline tickets online by booking your tickets on days like Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. The exemption comes when you are travelling over a couple of day trip around Memorial Day or Labour Day. So, everyone today is looking to book their tickets on actual holiday, so that’s the ideal time when you can try and lengthen your vacation a couple of day.

Don’t rule out nearby airports-

Make sure you check the flights for the nearby airports. At times you get lower ticket fare from a nearby airport. Just make sure that the difference in transportation and the parking to the actual airport is not big enough. If that’s the case then the trip to an alternative airport is totally worth it.

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